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Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2

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Monument Valley 2 is continuation of the indie puzzle-platformer game Monument Valley. It was developed by Ustwo Games and was released on the 25th of June, 2017.

Monument Valley 2 is a video game developed by ustwo Games and published by Forgotten Shores for iOS and Android. The game is a sequel to the original Monument Valley, which was released in 2014.


The graphics in Monument Valley 2 are very detailed and artistically designed. They are a combination of 3D models and 2D drawings. The game is set in Escher-like architecture and landscapes. The game features more than 10 levels, a host of new characters, new puzzles and new mechanics.

The Monument Valley 2 features a beautiful art direction with a distinctive and sleek aesthetic. The graphics are very well-crafted and the visuals are well-done.


The gameplay is similar to the first Monument Valley game. The player has to guide the main character through the levels and solve various puzzles to progress. The player can manipulate objects to create a path for the character. The game is turn-based and the player has to wait for various actions to complete.

The gameplay is a very interesting mix of puzzles and exploration. The puzzles have a focus on optical illusions and geometry. The puzzles are very unique and the player has to think outside the box.


The controls are simple. The gameplay is controlled by touch, which means that the player can manipulate the environment by swiping fingers on the screen. The player uses the finger to change the size of objects, rotate them and to move in any direction.

The controls are very intuitive and easy to learn. One player can use touch controls to move the character and interact with the environment. There is also a "Melt" function that will help the player solve the puzzles.


The replayability in Monument Valley 2 is not as high as in the first game. The game features an in-game map that is very helpful when the player is trying to go back to a previous level. The puzzles are not as difficult as in the first game and the game is not as long.

The game has a good replayability because of the different puzzles that can be found in the game.


Monument Valley 2 is an entertaining continuation of the first game. It is a puzzle-platformer game with nice graphics and simple controls. The game is not as enjoyable as its predecessor as the puzzles are not as difficult and there is not as much replayability.


  • The gameplay is very smooth and the graphics are stunning
  • The puzzles are challenging and require a lot of thinking
  • You can play the game in a number of different modes, which is great if you want to play in a relaxed manner or a more intense one
  • The game has a beautiful soundtrack


  • The game is lacking in diversity and has a very linear plot
  • The game is very short

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