Instagram Introduces New Features to Enhance Third-Party App Posting Functionality

  • 01-11-2023 |
  • James Terry

Instagram is infusing fresh features into its Instagram and Reels APIs to augment posting capabilities via external apps.

One of the noteworthy additions is the incorporation of Instagram's latest co-creation posting function into the API integration. The implication of this is the soon-to-be availability of collaborative post creation through third-party social media management tools.

Just last week, Instagram unveiled its Collaborative Posts, a feature enabling users to invite others to contribute images and videos to a carousel post. As a result of this update, users will be able to formulate these multi-contributor carousel posts within external apps, thereby amplifying their available posting solutions.

Furthermore, Organic Reels insights are being included in the API. The information from Reels can offer valuable data for strategic content planning.

Consequently, Meta is also enhancing the Facebook Video API by incorporating a new copyright protection component. Following existing features in Instagram native and Facebook's Video API, users can soon harness this feature to determine if copyright checks would prevent their media from being posted after publication.

This will simplify and expedite the posting process, ensuring that posts can go live without delay due to Facebook's copyright screening systems.

Meta is unrelenting in its consistent updates to its API, with the aim of achieving uniformity in posting across verified third-party social management applications. This provides massive advantages to those navigating multiple platforms using a single management console. The new additions will offer more avenues to optimize Facebook and Instagram video content.

According to Meta, these new capabilities will be integrated into the respective APIs from October 30, 2023. However, the timeline for these features to be incorporated into each social management platform may vary.