Hidetaka Miyazaki on Using Guides for Elden Ring: An Understanding Approach to Player Assistance

  • 14-06-2024 |
  • James Terry

The challenges presented in Elden Ring have prompted many players to seek guidance through online guides and community support to traverse the game's intricate world and complexities. In a recent discussion with PC Gamer, Hidetaka Miyazaki, the esteemed creator of Elden Ring and president of FromSoftware, shared his views on this phenomenon. His stance on the use of player guides and their influence on game design offers an insightful glimpse into the company's approach to player engagement and game development.

Elden Studies indicate a significant number of players have turned to guides to complete the Elden Ring, indicating the difficulty and depth of the game's design. Miyazaki expressed an understanding attitude towards gamers consulting these helpful resources. He acknowledged that while FromSoftware anticipates and appreciates the role of guides in the gaming community, its design philosophy doesn't hinge on the assumption that every player will use them. Instead, FromSoftware prioritizes the experience of players who prefer to discover the game's secrets spontaneously, without external assistance.

Furthermore, Miyazaki conveyed the idea that needing a guide is by no means a design failure; it could highlight areas where improvements could be made to make the game more approachable for players tackling it unaided. This ethos is a testament to the inclusive vision FromSoftware holds for catering to a diverse gaming audience. The company respects all playstyles, including those players who strategically arm themselves with comprehensive guides at their side.

The upcoming expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree, continues to honor this vision. Miyazaki has confidence in the players who have immersed themselves sufficiently in the world of Elden Ring, trusting their capability to face and surmount the expansion's fresh challenges. His words offer both reassurance and excitement for dedicated fans who have braved the original game's demanding landscapes and are ready for new content.

In concluding thoughts, Hidetaka Miyazaki's remarks reflect an era in gaming where designers recognize the multi-faceted approaches players take to navigate complex game environments. FromSoftware's empathetic design philosophy, as outlined by Miyazaki, doesn't condemn the use of guides but instead acknowledges them as part of the rich fabric of gaming culture.

The launch of Shadow of the Erdtree stands as a testament to this belief, promising to deliver experiences that embrace all players, whether they journey through the mysteries of the game with the aid of a guide or forge their path independently.