Exoprimal’s Planned Seasonal Content is Complete, Seasons 1 Returns on July 11th

  • 07-07-2024 |
  • Melissa Hinds

Capcom confirmed that their co-op mech action game Exoprimal's "pre-arranged periodic content" has concluded with Season 4, and Season 1 will revisit right after on July 11th. The forthcoming seasons will come in a monthly cycle, beginning every first day of the month.

All Battle Passes from Seasons 1 through 4 can be acquired, and a bundling option is available in a discounted pack called Survival Pack: Premium Tier Pack. The progress achieved in the Premium Tier applies to the respective season only; any cyclic progress can be carried forward but only when the related season is reintroduced.

Online services will still be available for all gaming modes, with automated players stepping in during solo play or when actual players are scarce. Yet some content will be specifically allocated to certain weeks. For instance, the Savage Gauntlet will be playable for just four days in Week 1 of a season, and the Monster Hunter Collaboration can be played across Week 2.

For specific festive periods like Halloween, Christmas or the Lunar New Year, unique cosmetic items are attainable through Limited-Time Campaign events.

Exoprimal can be accessed on various platforms like Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 as well as PC.