Unrivaled Teamwork: Top 5 Online Co-Operative Games on Xbox Game Pass

  • 11-02-2024 |
  • Melissa Hinds

Gaming is an ever-evolving form of entertainment, and with the onset of massive online multiplayer experiences, cooperative gaming has carved a niche for itself, creating indispensable memories and fostering friendships across the globe. The Xbox Game Pass, a treasure trove for gamers, has a plethora of options for those looking to share adventures with friends. As of February 2024, here are the five best online co-op games that you can dive into with your companions.

1. Deep Rock Galactic: A Miner's Delight

Deep Rock Galactic A Miner's Delight

Exploration, mining, and intense cooperative action come together in Deep Rock Galactic. As spacefaring dwarves, players are tasked with plundering the resources of a hostile alien planet. Each game session thrusts a team of up to four players into procedurally generated cave systems teeming with alien creatures. Communication and team strategy are paramount, as each dwarf class brings unique abilities and gadgets to the table.

Pros: The game shines with a robust class system that encourages cooperative play, lending itself to endless replayability with friends. Dynamic environments and an ever-growing arsenal keep the excitement fresh.

Cons: Newcomers may find the lack of clear, structured goals a bit intimidating, and the learning curve in the game can be steep without an experienced miner showing them what's what.

2. Sea of Thieves: Pirate Legends Unite

Sea of Thieves Pirate Legends Unite

Sea of Thieves offers an open-world pirate adventure where online co-op is not just a feature – it's a necessity. Teams of up to four gamers can travel to discover hidden treasures, engage in ship battles, and explore the high seas. Some days might entail basking under the sun on golden shores, while others could have you braving the wrath of the ocean.

Pros: The combination of shared ship duties and the thrill of emergent player-driven encounters makes for an exhilarating co-op experience. Rare's commitment to regularly updating the game keeps content fresh.

Cons: The game's minimalist approach to player guidance can result in some feeling lost at sea, figuratively speaking, and the sandbox nature isn't for everyone.

3. Remnant 2: Forging Bonds Through Fire

Remnant 2 Forging Bonds Through Fire

In Remnant 2, the stakes are high, and the action is relentless. This third-person shooter with Souls-like elements encourages players to band together in a team of up to three to take on nightmarish creatures and explore mysterious worlds. The mix of gunplay and melee combat requires precise coordination and communication for a successful run.

Pros: The character archetypes (classes) promote cooperative synergy, with combat refined from its already well-received predecessor, ensuring tight teamwork leads to deeply satisfying victories.

Cons: The game's difficulty spikes and reliance on procedural generation can lead to inconsistent experiences that might turn off more casual players.

4. Valheim: Conquering Myths

Valheim Conquering Myths

The Viking-themed survival sandbox of Valheim invites players to conquer fearsome beasts and unforgiving landscapes. With support for up to 10 players in a private or public server, the game epitomizes collective problem-solving, resource management, and base construction. The sizeable, procedurally generated world opens the door for epic adventures and campfire stories alike.

Pros: The game's focus on PvE content promotes a community-driven approach to survival that's both engaging and memorable, bolstered by Norse mythology and an expansive world to explore.

Cons: Valheim's minimalistic tutorials and complex crafting systems can prove to be a significant hurdle for those new to the survival genre.

5. Monster Hunter Rise: United We Hunt

Monster Rise United We

With Monster Hunter Rise, the age-old adage of "the bigger they are, the harder they fall" is taken to new heights. Hunters form parties of four to track down and engage in epic battles against colossal monsters. Strategic combat, gear crafting, and the anticipation of the next big hunt keep players coming back for more.

Pros: The varied monsters and extensive weapon arsenal cater to different playstyles, encouraging strategic approaches to hunts. The multiplayer aspect turns each encounter into a gripping and rewarding cooperative event.

Cons: The complexity of the game may overwhelm newcomers, and the steep difficulty curve of co-op hunts may not be suitable for everyone.

As players continue to review and provide feedback, it's clear that one game, in particular, has garnered notable praise for its blend of cooperative play, challenging yet accessible gameplay, and expansive content updates. Deep Rock Galactic stands out with its rich and unending cooperative gameplay loop, making it February 2024's premier online co-op experience on Xbox Game Pass, according to user reviews. Grab your pickaxe and your most reliable teammates because the caves of Hoxxes IV await.